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OpenAI introduces GPT-4: the next evolution of ChatGPT


OpenAI has introduced a new version of ChatGPT i.e., GPT-4. Notably, the company has introduced a new iteration with several improvements. The company states that GPT-4 is now available to the public.

OpenAI has introduced many new features with the latest version of GPT-4. One of the most notable features is the utilization of images as input. It can be understood by an example let’s say a user uses an image of a bunch of balloons. Followed by this, the user asks the chatbot what would happen in case if the strings of balloons are cut.  Resultantly, GPT-4 will respond by saying that all of the balloons would fly away.

Furthermore, GPT-4 has the capacity to provide additional context based on images. Let’s say, if a user provides an image having cooking ingredients, the chatbot will provide the user with information about the ingredients as well as possible dishes that could be prepared using those ingredients.

In contrast, GPT-3 produces long-form content. It can even produce a response of 3000 words in length. Such word lengths can easily cater to a variety of content like short stories, poems, full articles, and scripts. On the other hand, GPT-4 has the potential to provide users with a word length eight times GPT-3. It can generate responses of up to 25,000 words.

Besides this, there are several other improved features. You can visit the dedicated page of GPT-4 to learn more about it. The new version of ChatGPT is available for public use now. However, the latest version is available exclusively to GPT Plus users. It can be accessed at the rate of $20/month to enjoy additional features.

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