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Facebook’s artificial intelligence assistant ‘M’ is finally rolling out

Facebook's artificial intelligence assistant 'M'

With Facebook’s artificial intelligence assistant ‘M’ users can now get suggestions based on words they use in the Facebook Messenger app.

M is an AI assistant which can understand some one-liner statements. The AI assistant then would suggest an emoji, .gif, or even lead the user to set an alarm.

‘M’ was initially rolled out a year ago as an experiment. Which after its success is now fully automated. The AI assistant is available on all iOS and Android operating systems but only in the US.

Based on its design, some of the suggestions Facebook’s artificial intelligence assistant ‘M’ could make includes:

  • An instance where M detects ‘bye’, a “Bye-bye” sticker is suggested.
  • When M recognizes a conversation about payments, the AI assistant suggests easy modes of sending or requesting money.
  • And when the two users are talking about going somewhere, M would suggest “Get A Ride” from Uber or Lyft.

Facebook’s M is no less than the virtual assistants by Apple and Google. The social media giant also shared that they intend to make M more personal, useful, and smooth.

M will soon be rolling out everywhere. The company suggests communicating more with M to help it learn more. And if M is not helping or you don’t want to use M, you’d always mute it.

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