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Earn money with Youtube Partner Program but first get 10k permanent views

Earn money with Youtube Partner Program

Anyone could earn money with YouTube Partner Program. But there’s a slight twist; YouTube video creators now need to get 10,000 permanent views before they’d start making money.

Since YouTube first started YouTube Partner Program (YPP) in 2007, tons of YouTubers started making money from their YouTube channel. Many got rich, many dropped the idea of being mundane.

But some used the backdoor to get rich.

Many YouTubers got the idea of making money by stealing content from other channels. To protect the original content, YouTube recently added a feature where copied content can be removed by reporting YouTube.

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This impersonation helped many and many fake accounts were deleted. But more to be done to filter video content.Now, YouTube is taking another measure; stopping YPP accounts from serving ads (this is cruel).

Now, YouTube is taking another measure to improve the authenticity of the video content; stopping YPP accounts from serving ads (this is cruel).

But there is a catch. To get ads, YPP accounts need to achieve 10k permanent views. This update would make it certain that creators are authentic and are making their own videos.

So for content thieves, this is a bad news. They can’t stay long fooling around. Their pirated content WILL be reported, removed from their channel, and their accounts will be blocked. And their earnings will be halted.

For those new to YPP, YouTube would first monitor their activities after reaching the minimum threshold of 10,000 permanent views. If all looks well, YouTube would welcome them to YPP and they can get ads and earn money.

This new update wouldn’t impact channels with less than 10k views until April 6. But from the very next day, YouTubers must bring the sleepy creative YouTuber out and start creating original and creative videos.

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