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Fact check Tag: To Counter Fake News In Google Search Now After “Google News”

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New development is underway to counter fake news on Google search, Google is ought to bring in a new tool that will put a “fact check” tag on the news appearing in search results.

Google said on Friday that it is adding “fact check” tag to some of the search results in search engine. The stories coming from authoritative fact checking source like PolitiFact or Snopes will be labeled with this tag.

The search results will show snippets which will show excerpts containing information about what is the claim, who claimed it, and who “fact check it”. For instance, if your searched the term “60 million people died in World War II” the search results will show PolitiFact story with judgment that the claim is mostly true.

Last year in October, Google has already introduced “Fact Check” label for Google News only and in some countries. But now Google is focused on expanding this tool to search engine, Google News and in every country where Google News is available.

Spreading disinformation and maligning news stories has been a challenging task for tech companies so far. People also argued that American President Donald Trump won the elections because of the fake news and stories. Facebook has also introduced a system to curb fakes news; both tech giants also revisited their advertising policies in order to make sure that fake news don’t get money.

Tech companies are facing immense pressure to regulate their content and authenticity. YouTube became a part of controversy and became target of boycotts—over the ads being displayed next to the hateful content. Government of Germany has sought to regulate tech companies by imposing fines up to $53 million if they failed to remove hateful content from their sites. Facebook and Twitter also got notifications from German government.

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This would help maintaining the credibility of search results linking back to fact checking mechanism, the company said there may not be just one definitive answer for each claim. Fact-checkers from different organizations might reach different conclusions. And obviously, nothing could be accurate but people would be able to reach the conclusion whether the news are accurate or not and form their own conclusions.

Google’s researchers said “As we make fact checks more visible in Search results, we believe people will have an easier time reviewing and assessing these fact checks, and making their own informed opinions.”

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