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Google Chrome have simplified its desktop site settings for mobile

Google began experimenting with making websites’ desktop versions the default view on its Chrome mobile browser in September 2021. The toggle switch to enable this feature, however, is buried deep in Chrome settings, making it difficult for many users to find. After almost two years, the business is now finally streamlining the procedure. The overflow menu’s “Desktop site” checkbox is now sufficient to remember your preferred site.

It’s simpler to set websites to default desktop viewing with Google Chrome for mobile

Not all websites are mobile-optimized, or even for screens of any size, even though the majority of them are. More importantly, several websites’ mobile versions lack features found on their desktop counterparts and are less user-friendly. The greatest web browsers on the market all include the option to instantly switch to the desktop version of any website, ensuring that users have the best surfing experience possible on small screens. For a considerable amount of time, Google Chrome for mobile also does that.

Nevertheless, the way this feature has been implemented has never been perfect. especially for those who frequently load desktop versions of websites rather than mobile versions. Google Chrome doesn’t keep track of your preference, even though clicking the “Desktop site” checkbox in the overflow menu reloads the website in the desktop view. Every time you wish to access a website’s desktop version, you must carry out that step. Although consumers who rarely view desktop websites on their phones wouldn’t mind it, it can be unpleasant for frequent users.

This problem’s initial solution wasn’t very successful

In September 2021, Chrome will launch a new setting that will make webpages default to the desktop view in order to provide the optimal experience for both categories of users. The issue would be resolved for people who prefer desktop viewing by enabling it. The toggle is not easily reachable, which is the issue. Toggle the Desktop Site option on by tapping on the Desktop Site toggle after selecting Settings > Site Settings > Desktop Site from the browser app’s three vertical dots in the top right corner. Because the characteristic is so deeply concealed, many individuals are unaware of it.

The “Desktop Site” tick in the overflow menu has now been permanently added by Google, fixing the issue. If enabled, websites will always load in desktop mode. You no longer have to carry out the action repeatedly. It functions independently of the hidden setting as well, eliminating the need for it. This modification, which was first mentioned by Android Police, is already accessible on the majority of our mobile devices at Android Headlines. In the upcoming weeks, the update ought to be available to every Chrome user worldwide.

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