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Google Fi 5G is now available on iPhones

As per Google’s announcement today, iPhone users now have access to the 5G network on Fi. Before this update, only users with Android devices equipped with 5G cell radios were able to access Google Fi’s latest generational network. That older version was able to support a specific batch of the latest Google, Motorola, and Samsung models. Its lack of support for the iPhone was kind of strange, as iPhones were already supporting 5G connectivity among its T-Mobile series of the iPhone 12 since 2020.

Google Fi’s latest 5G network is pretty amazing, as can be seen through the feature of map coverage along with the improvements T-Mobile’s network has made in connectivity within recent months. With the latest update, the benefits are expanded to Apple users through a Google Fi SIM or eSIM.

Make sure you have an iPhone 12 or later before updating to iOS 16.4 or higher by going to Settings > General > Software Update. This will allow 5G coverage. After that, open the Settings app and select the Cellular option in the top-left corner, next to Bluetooth. Choose Cellular Data Options, then either Call & Data or Cellular from the menu that appears. Last but not least, press your phone number, then select Voice & Data and 5G Auto from the list.

To acquire this feature, you are required to restart your iPhone or switch Airplane mode ON and OFF. When you are able to acquire it, you can see that tremendous network speed along with a 5G connectivity indicator in your research bar. Also, if you are still unable to acquire it through these actions, you need to reset your iPhone’s network settings and try to activate it through the given steps.

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