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Netflix Games soon to be available on your TV screens

Netflix is one of the biggest streaming platforms in the world. As the technological world progresses, every platform is making its way forward by introducing the latest features. Since Netflix announced its gaming platform, the company is ready to make its way into an arena dominated by other big players. Netflix games have already made their way onto your phones and tablets with some catchy titles, and now they’re ready to make their way onto TV.

Netflix games soon to be introduced on TV app

For now, the Netflix TV app is just providing some streaming services and not anything more than that. As per information by app developer Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman regarding the latest obfuscated code in the mobile version of the application. Also, the statement regarding gaming on our TV screens with a controller is a clear indication of this feature making its way to your TV screens.

Netflix has entered this race in 2021, which was most likely done in order to cope with the loss caused by the decline in the use of streaming services. As of now, TV users are just limited to streaming services, but smartphone users are enjoying both games and endless streaming of movies and TV shows.

The optimal user experience for gaming doesn’t sound like it would be possible on a TV with its constrained computing capability. Gurman is therefore inclined to think that Netflix will eventually transition to cloud gaming if titles from its resource-intensive Netflix Games are intended for larger screens.

We learned about Netflix’s probable ambitions to use cloud gaming late last year. If it succeeds, TV customers will be in for a treat because Netflix Games will be able to replace Google’s now-defunct Stadia with support for a top-notch gaming experience.

Netflix refused Bloomberg’s request for a statement, but in our opinion, a Games on TV expansion is the brand’s next natural move, followed by a gradual shift to cloud gaming if the games are successful in being received by users on TV first. Although we are not really sure if the code in the app will follow through with the move, But we can really hope that it makes its way through. We are also hoping for fewer competitors in the given industry.

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