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Google Grants $1000 To Every Employee Working From Home

Google started work from home as soon as the threat of Coronavirus Pandemic started lurking around. It was reported earlier that Google is trying to reopen its offices in July with following protocols by the health organizations however, most of the employees would still stay at home and continue their work from there.

From the beginning of July, Google wants to gradually return to the old normal and reopen the first offices. However, most employees are likely to stay in the home office for the rest of the year. They are said to receive a grant of $1,000 to purchase office furniture or other much-needed items to work in their own four walls, as company boss Sundar Pichai said on Tuesday.

From July 6th, if the external conditions allow it, they will start opening more offices in more cities. This would enable those employees who should or would like to return to the office on a rotating basis, said Pichai in the letter to all “Googlers”. “We’re going to put in place strict health and safety measures to ensure that the social detachment and disinfection guidelines are followed so that the office looks and feels different from the last time you visited,” said Google’s boss.

Voluntary return to the office by the end of the year
By September, the rotation program is to be expanded from an initial ten to 30 percent office occupancy. This would mean that “most people who want to come to the office can do so to a limited extent while we continue to give priority to those who need to come to the office,” Pichai said. For everyone else, returning to the office by the end of the year is voluntary – “and we encourage you to continue working from home if you can,” said Pichai.

Subsidy for office furniture 
In order to ensure that every employee has what they need to be able to work productively in the home office, the group wants to grant all employees a grant of US $ 1,000. This should be used to purchase office furniture, for example. In addition, Pichai is currently experimenting on how to virtually bring the experiences and benefits known from the office to the employees at home. Examples include fitness, cooking, and nutritional courses as well as a childcare program.