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Google Introduces 9 New Features In Android

Google is using the smartphone fair MWC 2023 to present new functions for Android and Wear OS. These are not only available for Pixel devices, but also for smartphones from other manufacturers. A total of nine innovations are presented.

Triple productivity: Drive to Keep

The first three adjustments are under the heading Productivity. Google Keep has now been expanded to include the ability to store individual notes as a widget on the home screen. The widget contains reminders, background colors, and images of the note and is synchronized with the smartwatch display. On Wear OS, Keep gets new shortcuts for creating to-do lists and notes that can be selected directly from the watch face.

Annotate PDFs using a pen or touch in the Google Drive app for Android. The interface offers a choice of different pen shapes for freehand notes, and a highlighter tool is also available. Changes can be undone, deleted, or saved as a new copy.

Audi improvements

The noise reduction feature in Google Meet is expanding to more Android devices. This filters out background noise when listening and speaking in meetings. One-click Bluetooth headphones fast pairing will soon be possible on Chromebooks. If the headphones have already been paired with an Android smartphone, they should also be able to connect to the Chromebook without having to set them up again.

A bit of fun & customization must be

More combinations of emojis that can be created with Gboard are now possible in the Emoji Kitchen – but the Google keyboard will soon also get a UI update. New animations that are displayed when confirming payment with the Google Wallet should also be fun.

Chrome for Android will make it easier to resize content in the future. Google wants to enable “text, images, videos, and interactive controls” to be enlarged by up to 300% while preserving the page layout as much as possible. 

Final Spring Feature Drop Adjustment: Wear OS 3+ will bring two new modes. Mono audio is intended to improve the playback quality of some messages, and color correction and grayscale modes for the display are also being added.

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