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Google Reminders are eventually becoming Tasks

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Redundant products are nothing new for Google. The firm has had its Tasks and Assistant Reminders for a very long time, and they both have a similar function. Well, the organization is now switching from Google Reminders to Tasks.

Google Tasks is a quite useful app. It syncs with the Google Calendar. On the other hand, Google Assistant Reminders also has the capacity to sync with Calendar. Users can set it via voice inputs. However, Tasks can’t be set by using the Assistant. It is an irritating feature since Google Tasks offer a better interface that enables prompt management of items and stuff.

Accessing Reminders requires the consumers to visit Google App and access the main menu. In addition to this, Google enables users to import Reminders as Tasks. The such feature helped a lot of consumers who don’t prefer tracking two different collections.

Google is dropping Reminders for Tasks

Last year, in September, the company declared that it will merge the two services. It appears as if the day has finally arrived. The company has initiated the conversion from Reminders to Tasks. The feature has started rolling out. Well, there is a possibility that users might not be able to see the updates just yet.

The latest information was communicated by Artem Russakovskii via a tweet. Once the update is installed, the users will be presented with a popup that will indicate the users about Reminders as Tasks. Users will be presented with two buttons. One button will show users how Tasks works, while the other button will begin the process.

In this way, users will be able to transfer all Reminders over to Tasks. As soon as the transition completes, all of your completed Reminders will be completed Tasks. After this, the Reminders will disappear from Google Assistant. Given this update, users will then be able to set a Task whenever they want to be reminded about something.

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