Google Wallet receives a new update

During the course of the past few weeks, Google Wallet has received quite a lot of attention from the company. The company has added several new features, and now it is all set to introduce some fresh features to the app. Reportedly, the app will receive a ride history and some other features.

Google intends to replace the physical wallet with Google Wallet. For this reason, the company has added support for several digital cards. The list actually covers hundreds to thousands of different cards, but still, it is not enough. Now, the company enables users to scan the barcodes of different cards and add them to their wallets. It is a simple approach to adding the cards that are unavailable on the pre-populated list.

Google Wallet will receive ride history and other features

Sometimes all it takes to see our routines clearly is a glimpse of insight. This is one of the reasons that the ride history functionality is being added to Google Wallet. As you may expect, you’ll have access to details on the travels you’ve made, providing you with a quick overview of your travels.

Besides this, the company is also introducing a way that will enable users to have a look at their savings. The amount of money you have saved from time-based fare caps will be tracked by the app. They will be available on one page, giving users details about the transit authority, card used for payment, and insights. The saved amount will appear above the ride history.

You will then be sent real-time ride updates. As the journey progresses, updates about your ride will be sent to the app. This is an excellent method to stay informed on the status of your ride. Later this year, these capabilities will be available in the UK with support from Brighton and Hove. It will roll out in additional cities early next year.

A new card is added to the list

For users who rely on ORCA transportation, Seattle and Puget Sound area users will soon have the ability to add their cards to the Google Wallet app.

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