How To Get Approved For Google Adsense

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After establishing credibility of blog, the next important step is to apply for Google AdSense. Every blogger secretly dreams for getting AdSense approval. But it is not that simple it may seem. There are strict rules to approve new applications submitted for AdSense. In the past, people have used foul tricks to get approval that’s why this process has become really hard. In this post, we will tell you essential things to do before applying for Google AdSense:

Your content should be of high-quality

First and the foremost thing you have to do is to write unique and quality content for your blog. Google loves those blogs which have quality content and users are spending time to read their posts. Your AdSense application is reviewed by humans and they can only be impressed by your writing.

Your blog should have privacy page

This is overlooked by most of the bloggers. If your fellow bloggers advise you that it doesn’t make any difference, they are wrong! It is basic requirement of Google to have privacy page as it shows your blog is not a scam.

Your blog should have About Us page

About us page is also a requirement for AdSense approval. This page indicates that the blog is being run by a real person. You stand zero chances of approval if you don’t have this in your blog.

Your blog should have Contact Us page

Contact us page will allow your readers to share how they feel about your blog. The inclusion of this page will indicate to Google that you care about your readers and not only interested in making money.

You should verify your email and name

When you are applying for Google AdSense, try to put your email and name in about us and contact us pages. So the approval team will know that it is real person and not any crappy bots or spam. It will boost the verification process.

You should have plenty of posts

We cannot specify any minimum number of posts needed for AdSense approval. According to some blogging experts, if your blog has 20 well-written posts, you can apply for AdSense. The length of such posts should be around 600+ words.

Your age should be 18+

There are many creative bloggers who are less than 18. But young bloggers try to get their AdSense approved by submitting wrong age. AdSense doesn’t approve applications of underage bloggers.

You should improve blog’s design

The design of your blog plays a crucial part in approving your application for AdSense. Google prefers those blogs which have fast-loading and professional design. Your blog should leave a good impression on your readers. It comes second in importance, first is content.

You should check type of your content

The type of content really matters when you need approval for AdSense. Content related to pornography or adult material, hacking tutorials, illegal drugs, pirated content and any other illegal stuff. Also your blog should be written in the language which is supported by AdSense.

Your blog should have top-level domain

According to new rules set by Google, your blog has to be hosted on a top-level domain. You cannot get approval with sub domains. The most trusted domain extension is .com.

You should not use other Ad networks

You have to get rid of other ads posted by Infolinks, Chitika, etc… Your blog has to be ads free. You can use them once you get your approval.

You should check traffic sources

Google simply hates those blogs which have paid traffic and it is not going to approve their AdSense application. Also traffic from illegal sources is not going to help you in approval.

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