Improve Your Search Ranking with Local SEO Strategy

Local SEO Strategy

Local SEO is a great opportunity for small business owners for getting potential customers and show their presence on the search engine result pages. The new updates by Google emphasize the need of relevant and useful results which actually help the visitor. Google index the website higher if you add local information in it and push more organic traffic on it. Regardless of your business nature, local SEO has immense potential to provide you local audience and make you a local authority. The article will discuss some valuable tips for your guidance while making local SEO strategy.

Pay Attention to NAP Data

The acronym NAP stands for Name, Area, and Phone number. Adding NAP in the website makes it accessible for customers and they can contact you easily. It’s essential to add the core information of your business in a crawlable HTML text rather placing it on an image. Google doesn’t recognize the personal information in the image form and considers it an image. You can follow schema. Org or Matthew Barby code to do it in the right way. Moz asserts in a research report that consistent NAP 21% impacts on ranking.

Local SEO Strategy

Google My Business Page

Google My Business page has a crucial role in digital marketing as its optimization is necessary to get optimal results. You can claim for the page if you haven’t it yet and your business information in it. Make sure you adding authentic and long description of your business and selecting right business category. Long and detailed information is search engine friendly as it includes more keywords that help in searching. Don’t forget to add business hours and relevant photos. Your business name and address should be same in both Google My Business Page and official website. Read the detailed settings in the guideline.

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Local Reviews

Good reviews increase your sale and improve business reputation. Search engines take into account customer reviews while indexing the website. Google and Yelp are considered as trustworthy platforms and every business owner should pay attention to their reviews. 90% business owners confirm that reviews influenced on their business and positive reviews immediately boosted their sale.

Local SEO Strategy

Following are some ways to encourage the customers to submit a review:

  • Create a webpage and add link of the review site
  • Make a separate section in the website where customers can give their reviews
  • Send emails to your customers and request them to submit their review

Separate Sections for Local Branches

Separate sections for local branches help to improve local SEO strategy as it gives you liberty to optimize each page individually. The users can get separate information of each branch while separate reviews on the pages influence the SEO tactics. Add contact information, branch name, branch code (if have any), map, working hours, etc.

Claim Company Profiles

Claim business profiles on various platforms like Yelp, Yahoo Local, and MerchantCircle. Similarly, create separate social media profiles for local branches. These profiles improve your visibility on web and allow to you to add information separately on each profile. Almost every platform lets the business owner include location of the branches while you can embed reviews and local events in the Facebook pages to get avid response by customers.

Local SEO Strategy

Strategize Keywords

No matter how much your website is visually appealing, it will garner zero revenue until you add relevant and effective keywords. Poorly used keywords harms your ranking and waste your all efforts. Google Keywords Planner is a free of cost tool you can use to optimize the keywords. Analyze the keywords according to the geographic regions and avoid keyword stuffing. Relevant keywords drive traffic, target the specific audience, and rank the page higher. The use of Latent Semantic Indexing  (LSI) is suggested by the SEO expert Neil Patel as this strategy takes into account the relevant words in the content and improves the ranking.

Optimize Website for Mobile

Best SEO strategies consider mobile optimization a crucial part as the mobile users are increasing day by day. Mobile optimization confirms better user experience which is an ultimate goal of Google. TeleVox mentions in its research report that 94% smartphone users browse local websites using their cell phones while BlueGlass’s Post also confirms that mobile phone users access the local websites to learn about their working hours, brand features, and location.

Local SEO Strategy

Create Local Content

Content isn’t the key to success, but optimized content is. Optimize content and make it appropriate according to the local SEO strategy. Unique, informative, and high readability are some key ingredients of a successful content. To optimize your local SEO strategy, follow the tips to make content suitable for local clients:

  • Mention tips and brand effectiveness for a specific region
  • Organize different events in different cities and add news on the website
  • Include exclusive images of the cities and activities you conduct
  • State offers of different branches

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