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Huawei announces a conference for July 27, Harmony OS 3 on the Table

Huawei has just announced that it will hold a conference on July 27. The brand even allowed itself to give us more details, indicating that Harmony OS 3, the new version of its operating system, would be unveiled.

Huawei will take advantage of the quiet news of the heart of the summer to announce new products. The Chinese brand has indeed indicated that it will hold a conference on July 27. we know that Harmony OS 3 is displayed. It was on Twitter that the brand announced its Launch of Smart Office in the summer of 2022. Which products are presented? Mystery, but at least we shouldn’t see smartphones there.

Huawei launches Harmony OS 3

Indeed, the conference will be dedicated to the Smart Office. So we can expect different products, and why not new PCs too. After all, Marketing Director Cheng Lei has confirmed to us that a new MateBook E model will arrive before the end of the year … We can also expect until the announcement of tablets, or why not connected watches. In short, everything has to do with the smart office.

Huawei gave us another hint about the conference content via another teaser posted on Weibo. We can see a huge 3 around which different spheres revolve, symbolizing Super Device. There is no doubt here that we will have Harmony OS 3, a brand operating system. As a reminder, Huawei has been under a US embargo since 2019 and can no longer use Google’s software suite.

The company has therefore developed its own operating system for its tablets and smartphones: Harmony operating system. The latter wants to focus on convergence by creating a real ecosystem between the brand’s products. For example, we saw it with Super Device, available on both Harmony OS and Windows. We will follow the conference in any case on July 27 at 12.30 pm (GMT). It can only hope that the announced products are not only reserved for China (which would still be very surprising).