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Huawei CEO goes on Yahoo Finance to bash US ban

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It’s been a wild year for Huawei’s organizations in the US, and the organization’s highest-ranking official authorities are standing up. Founder and CEO Ren Zhengfei talked with Yahoo Finance in an hour-long in length interview published today, disclosing the organization’s arrangements to deal with the US government’s inconveniences, just as his understanding of the aims behind those activities.

Ren revealed to Yahoo Finance that Huawei wasn’t completely prepared to be added to the entity list. Huawei officials said that cell phone deals fell up to 40 percent in the initial two weeks after the boycott, because of worries about the operating system. Ren said that now, though, the company is “fully capable of shaking off its reliance on the US for core products.”

As indicated by Yahoo Finance, Ren feels that adding Huawei to the Entity list is the US attempting to “contain Huawei’s advanced technology”. From Trump’s tweets, Ren accepts the president put together his suspicions with respect to the criminal allegations documented in January by the Justice Department, blaming Huawei for taking trade secrets and damaging US sanctions on Iran.

Ren told the publication that he doesn’t accept the organization represents a security danger to the US.  “We don’t have any networks in the U.S., nor do we intend to sell our 5G products there anyway,” he said. “Trump has nothing on us, and he hopes to use Huawei as a bargaining chip, but China doesn’t seem to buy it, right?”

He proceeded to state that by restricting Huawei, the US had more to lose, particularly regarding 5G associations. “Even if they have supercomputers and super-large-capacity connections, the U.S. might still fall behind because they don’t have super-fast connections,” Ren told Yahoo Finance. “Shutting Huawei out is the start of the U.S. falling behind.”

While the restriction forestalls Huawei from access to US innovation, it likewise implies American organizations may miss out on benefits from the Chinese organization. Employments in the US get cut too. During the meeting, Ren affirmed the organization laid-off workers in the US-based R&D backup it had intended to put $600 million in called Futurewei.

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