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Huawei ICT Skills Competition Winners to Visit China

Chinese technology leader Huawei had recently organized a regional and national ICT Skills Competition 2017 in which top 150 contesters from regions North, Central and South participated in online tests in HAINA test centers. All the 150 participants were given souvenirs and giveaways from Huawei.

The competition was tough, after a transparent screening process the top 50 candidates were selected for the finals at the national level, the finals were held in Karachi and Lahore on November 9. However, the finals in capital Islamabad were held on November 13, 2107. The exam centers chosen for finals were NED University Karachi, COMSATS Islamabad and University of Engineering and Technology (UET) Lahore.

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50 students were selected for the lab environment exam by HAINA academies in order to evaluate and select among the contestants. During the national final, 44 candidates were dropped and only 6 candidates were able to pass the national final. Now the 6 selected candidates would go for the even tougher International final which is to be held in Shenzhen China during the first fortnight of December 2017.

Participants who qualified for the International finals are given the exciting prizes and giveaways. The winners of the finals in China would be given fully paid tour to headquarters Huawei China, Mobile phones, Huawei Certification, Vouchers and much more.

It is the time for Pakistani winners to show their talent at International level, the selected 6 bright students from the country would participate in the International finals in China within a month time.

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