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iPhone 13 Delivery Time Getting Shorter Thanks To Improved Chip Availability

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Apple’s problems with the availability of certain chips for its latest smartphones are apparently easing so that the waiting time for buyers of the iPhone 13 and its sister models will soon be shortened. In some areas, however, there are still major problems.

Anyone who is currently toying with the purchase of an iPhone 13 or another model of the new smartphone series from Apple has to be prepared for long waiting times. In the coming weeks, however, the situation should improve significantly, because according to a report by the Taiwanese industry service DigiTimes, the suppliers of the US group have recently increased their production.

Since the beginning of October, according to the report, there have been repeated problems with the availability of certain components, so that Apple has not been able to have its contract manufacturers build the new smartphones in the desired quantities. Currently, the gaps are shrinking again, so that the situation in terms of availability should improve soon, they say.

More expensive models are still less available

In the meantime, Apple’s contract manufacturers are said to have larger quantities of the components required for the construction of the iPhone 13 available again, even if they are still a long way from the otherwise usual inventory quantities. However, some chips, including analog components, power management solutions, and WLAN components that are built with structure widths of more than 20 nanometers, are still poorly available.

The reason for this is the lack of expansion of the production capacities for chips based on older process technologies, i.e. with larger structure widths. Since these chips are usually less in demand, their manufacturers hesitate to expand the capacities currently urgently needed, as this is not worthwhile for them in the long term.

The high-priced iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max variants continue to be in high demand worldwide. Those who currently order the devices from Apple’s German online store have to wait up to four weeks for delivery. The cheaper models iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 13 can be delivered at significantly shorter notice, depending on the memory configuration.

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