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Latest ‘job search’ feature on X might impact LinkedIn’s business

In his efforts to make X an ‘everything platform’, Elon Musk keeps upgrading and adding multiple features to the platform. With the latest post by Elon Musk, a job search feature is coming to the platform. This feature on Twitter will most likely impact LinkedIn’s business. `

Elon mentions in the piece how uncomfortable it makes him to use job seekers’ LinkedIn links. He claims that he prefers people to send him their résumé or bio rather than using the links that have been supplied to him by others. The billionaire is now focusing on getting job seekers to switch to X, which puts it in competition with LinkedIn.

Although the platform has been working on it, Elon Musk’s intention to introduce a new X job function is not entirely original. News of this upcoming feature first surfaced online a few months ago, demonstrating X’s transformation into an all-encompassing platform. The information about this next feature, which will be making its way to X,

Laski will help bring job search to X

X has acquired the services of Laskie to help them incorporate job functionality into their platform. Before X acquired them, Laskie operated a job-listing business independently, which gave them the concept for this function. Several organizations that use the social media app have already tested this capability, but it is not yet accessible to the public.

An organization with access to this feature claims that it is a component of the $1,000 per month Verification X premium subscription. This feature may reappear in the next few weeks, enabling X users to access it through their accounts. With this, they might make their personal employment details and history available to potential employers by applying via X.

X officially acknowledges that they may require the personal data of users planning to utilize this feature. When jobs become available, the platform will be able to recommend them to users based on this information. The personal information that X might require indicates that these jobs would be tailored to the qualifications of the users.

Now, this may resemble LinkedIn a lot to you, and that is exactly how it wants to appear. Some Twitter users may no longer use LinkedIn at all while looking for jobs and career prospects as a result of this functionality. Another crucial thing to be aware of is the requirement for user biometric data for the upcoming X job search tool.

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