Meta adds broadcast channels to Messenger and Facebook

It is no hidden fact that Meta loves to add features inspired by others to its apps. One such example is the case with the Stories feature. The same is going to happen with the broadcast channel feature. The feature first made its appearance on Instagram and WhatsApp, and now it is ready to be introduced to the Facebook and Facebook Messenger apps.

Reportedly, the feature will be rolled out in the coming weeks. It will be a nice addition since users will get the opportunity to engage with the targeted audience on a specific topic in their respective niche. In case you don’t know, a broadcast channel is a place where one message can be shared with several people at any given time.

The company will notify users about the availability of the new feature

Unsurprisingly, the feature will benefit influencers and public figures. They can now conveniently share their message with users connected to them. According to Meta, broadcast channels improve connections and cater to the interests of users. A broadcast channel can be joined by anybody who wishes to access polls and other fascinating content.

Facebook Page users can access the new feature from the page. Do remember to check if the feature is live for you or not; otherwise, join the waitlist. As soon as a user sends a message through a new channel, all page followers will receive the message as well as the notification badge to join the channel. One thing to notice here is that only the Page owner can share messages. The followers, on the other hand, can only react and vote in polls.

Users who have joined the broadcast channel will get notified every time a new message is shared on the broadcast channel of a Page. These messages can be muted. Meta refers to the broadcast channel feature in the words “public and discoverable chat experiences.”

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