Microsoft AI Tools With Office Will Increase The Costs

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Microsoft’s artificial intelligence should fill the coffers. In the future, up to 35 US dollars per month and users will be charged for the use of Copilot and Bing Chat within Microsoft 365 Office apps. For the time being, only business customers are affected by the AI ​​surcharge.

Microsoft 365 business customers will pay

While private customers can continue to take advantage of Microsoft’s AI services, such as Windows and Office Copilot, and Bing Chat, for free, business customers will be asked to pay. At the annual Inspire partner conference, the Redmond-based company announced its new pricing model within the Microsoft 365 business subscriptions.

In the Microsoft 365 E3, E5, Business Standard, and Business Premium memberships, the new Copilot will cost an additional 30 US dollars per month and per user. If the optimized Bing Chat Enterprise is also required, the additional costs increase by an additional $5. In many cases, the AI ​​surcharge means that the monthly basic fees are doubled.

Copilot and Bing Chat have to prove themselves

Despite the rising costs associated with Microsoft’s OpenAI ChatGPT-based artificial intelligence, many companies could afford the premium. Especially when the AI ​​tools deliver the corresponding added value, relieve employees or reduce personnel costs. So far, the modern tools are in a test phase and first have to prove themselves in everyday business.

The Redmond-based company focuses on the co-pilot as “a class of its own”. According to Microsoft, it should help with the formulation of e-mails, sorting the Outlook inbox, increasing creativity in Word and PowerPoint, and analyzing data in Excel. The Bing Chat Enterprise, on the other hand, comes as an internal chatbot, locked in the company network without access from Microsoft.

In general, data protection plays a major role for companies in relation to the cloud-enriched Microsoft tools with artificial intelligence. The Redmond company responds by pointing out that Copilot, and Bing Chat. take over the existing Microsoft 365 security, data protection, identity, and compliance guidelines from business customers.

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