Microsoft Share Prices Hit Record High With New Products

Microsoft has recently introduced some innovations related to its AI technologies, which seemed moderately spectacular for many simple users, but caused quite a stir among investors. Without further ado, the group’s share price climbed from an all-time high.

Golden future

The mood on the stock market yesterday could be interpreted to mean that many investors are completely convinced that the products and business models presented will give Microsoft a clear competitive advantage. Accordingly, one was only too willing to gamble on a golden future and offered correspondingly high prices for the acquisition of Microsoft shares.

When the closing bell rang on the New York Stock Exchange, the Redmond-based company’s share price was $359.49 per share. That was 4 percent more than the day before. It also surpassed the previous record of $348.10 set on June 15. So Microsoft has arrived at a new best price in the company’s history.

A new picture

The development is particularly remarkable when you think back to the leaden times under Steve Ballmer when the share price bobbed around at the same level for years. At that time, business was solid and Microsoft had a clear leadership position in many business products. But nobody expected that the company could once again be an important driving force in innovative developments.

That has changed significantly in the meantime, which was not only reflected in the already strong upswing in prices in recent years. This year, too, things have progressed rapidly. Since January, the prices for Microsoft shares have already increased by 50 percent. The company has now become the second most valuable company in the world behind Apple.

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