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Netflix’s ad-supported tier is getting popular in US

Netflix has gone through quite a roller coaster as the company has made a lot of efforts towards putting in some real work in order to get its revenue doubled. As Netflix was preventing account sharing, it also introduced some new ad-supporting tiers despite increasing the size of its audience. As per some insight information from Bloomberg, an ad-supported tier of Netflix is being steamrolled in the US.

Netflix’s ad-supported tier is picking up steam in the US

Netflix’s strategy about preventing password sharing caused quite a lot of backlash from customers. In spite of this situation, Netflix introduced some cheap ad-free tiers. As these latest ad support tiers took a slow start. It was offering you a 30% cheaper ad-free tier that allowed you to enjoy most of the features. Netflix led the pack in service cancellations in Q4 2022.

Fortunately, Bloomberg was able to dig up some insightful information regarding this ad tier program. As this plan is progressing, there are now up to millions of users on this program.

First off, thankfully for Netflix, most of those customers are either new or returning subscribers. This indicates that most consumers didn’t switch to a less expensive plan. This indicates that Netflix was the main draw for the majority of the plan’s participants.

The issue is that many members of the plan share passwords. Hence, a large portion of users are simply numerous users of the same account. Hence, even though there are a lot of customers, we are unsure of the exact number of accounts on the plan.

Also, the report states that this news is one month old. We might have to wait until March ends if we want additional details on the stats. That’s when we’ll get going and check up on the report for the first quarter of 2023.

In other cases, people are willing to sit up and watch those ads in between instead of spending some money. As this program is progressing, we can hope for many people to join the ad-supported tier. We just hope that these password sharing restrictions aren’t pushing users away.

What is this plan all about?

This latest plan was introduced in November 2022, and it offers a good deal. As stated previously, it is the same plan as the basic one and costs the same $9.99 per month.And as for the other one, it costs $6.99 per month. As it allows you to watch content in 720p resolution.

Through this plan, you can access almost all the content on the platform. However, some content will be unavailable to you due to a licensing issue. Along with that, you are also able to download movies and TV shows to enjoy them offline.

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