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New posts appear first: Instagram integrated with chronological feed option

Meta Platforms gives in after years of criticism. The company will soon be giving its users the ability to view Instagram posts in a timely-ordered feed. The group announced this today. Instagram users get their chronological feedback back. More than five years after the elimination of Instagram’s simple time-ordered feed, Meta Platforms wants to make this option available again. The group is apparently responding to the sometimes massive criticism of its long-used tactic of having its algorithms determine the order of Instagram posts. In a published today blog post Instagram explained that they want to introduce two options in which the feed will be displayed according to “Following” and “Favorites”. The “Follow” option works the same way it did in 2016: the content is displayed in reverse chronological form, so the newest entries appear first.

Users to improve the experience according to their own needs

The “Favorites” option allows users to designate up to 50 accounts whose content they would like to see higher up in their feed. The company said the new options are designed to give users the ability to feel comfortable using Instagram. They should therefore be able to design their user experience the way they like it best, it said.

If you want your feed to appear in chronological order in the future, you must first activate this option yourself in the Instagram settings. Internal data from Instagram reportedly shows that user satisfaction with the content curated by algorithms in their feeds is said to be higher than with the classic chronological order. With the two new options, Instagram apparently wants to strike a balance between the interests of highly active users and the broad mass of users and commercial users of its platform. 


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