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New updates to Google Workspace Individual plan offer a lot more storage

Two years back the paid business work tool collection by Google was rebranded from G Suite to Google Workspace. This rebranding provided remote collaboration features along with a visual overhaul. By then, a lot more changes have been introduced. These comprise bringing free Gmail account service as well as killing the free legacy G Suite accounts under the category of Workspace.

In June 2021, the company moved a step ahead by specifically targeting small businesses and entrepreneurs. They launched the Workspace Individual Plan. Dissimilar to other features offered by the Workspace, the individual tier accompanied fewer features. This was indeed not intended. As of today, Google is changing that individual tier. It states that more storage options will now be available to Individual Workspace. Additionally, the platform will be expanded. Thus, making it available to vast audiences across the countries.

As of now, Google Workspace Individual plan was available with just 15Gb of free storage. It is quite the same as the one offered by a Gmail account. In case, if anyone wishes to use more space, he will have to buy that separately from Google One. The good news is that the latest updates are catering to this hassle. The new update will introduce a storage of around 1TB. Thus, enabling the users to store as many files as they want without worrying about space.

In addition to this, Gmail’s multi-send mode is getting advanced. It will now add the mail merge feature tags. It will enable you to use the tags. For instance, tags like @firstname will be used to multi-send an exclusive email to every recipient. Recently, Google has started rolling out the multi-merge tags to all Workspace tiers. One thing is important to remember over here the Individual Workspace plans do not support custom email addresses.

Furthermore, Google is expanding the Workspace Individual plan to other countries and regions. These include Finland, Greece, Netherlands, Thailand, Argentina, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Thus, targeting more markets.

Vast availability and additional storage spaces with a discounted price of $8/month are just a matter of a few more weeks. Afterward, the plan will be accessible at the rate of $10/month. Though, you can still secure an annual saving of 16% by securing the annual plans.

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