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One Outlook Now Support Multiple Accounts

For a few weeks now, Microsoft has been gradually expanding the beta test for the new Outlook for Windows. Now the first users get the possibility to use multiple e-mail accounts – this was not previously supported.

This had been announced for a long time, now Aggiornamenti Lumia has discovered that the implementation of the new Outlook multi-features has started.

“In the future, you will be able to access multiple email boxes and calendars (both work and personal) in the same Outlook experience, just as you can on Outlook mobile today,” the Outlook team envisioned explained a few weeks ago. The release of the multi-accounts has now started in the preview. However, Microsoft has not yet updated the overview of planned and implemented functions in the roadmap published in the Outlook blog.

The new Outlook supports multiple email accounts with some limitations. Previously, this worked with Microsoft accounts, so personal and business emails (existing Office 365 and Live accounts only) can now be used together.

According to initial findings, Gmail accounts are also available, but there is currently no way to manually add new accounts.

One Outlook

There’s still a long way to go before the new One Outlook becomes a viable option for power users. The app still cannot work offline, and it also lacks support for third-party web add-ins like Salesforce, Zoom, and other services. 

The new UWP mail app offers something that both classic Outlook and the new web-based Outlook lack: a unified inbox for multiple email accounts. This is a “basic” feature that Outlook already supports on macOS and mobile devices, and will launch for the Windows app with the “One Outlook” approach.

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