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Pakistan to Surpass India in The Launch of 5G Internet Technology—PTA

As per the annual report of the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), Pakistan would emerge as the first ever country of the South Asia to launch 5G internet services. As per the report, Pakistan is a fast learning and expanding digital nation.

The report added that Pakistan could even beat the biggest regional country, India as it is also in the competition of launching the most advanced yet best internet services.

Amresh Nandan—Research Director—Gartner, an advisory company told Quartz that the actual potential of the 5G services in India could only be grasped after 2025.

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Pakistan is all in the preparatory mode to launch 5G technology by 2020 and regarding that tests are being conducted to check the cellular connectivity, as per the annual report by PTA-2017.

Approximately two months back federal cabinet permitted the cellular network providing firms to test the 5G technology in Pakistan without charging any extra fees to users and within the regulatory environment. Network and cellular firms are working on preparing themselves to introduce the technology when it is all tested and ready. Tests both of field and lab are being conducted for checking the technology.

Abdullah—a common man and an active mobile internet service user informed that he visited some nearby customer service center of a cellular firm and noticed 5G signals on his mobile phone.

Above eighty-seven percent of the Pakistani population is covered by the cellular mobile networks, out of this percent seventy percent is covered by the 3G services and thirty percent have access to 4G LTE services.

Internet and Broadband services are expanding to every corner of the country, stressing upon the need of much more national and international connectivity, as per the annual report. The report also mentioned that the international bandwidth is also increasing continuously.

With the advent of 5G technology as per the experts, the demand for high-end smartphones would also see a hike and companies like iPhone who are not doing business directly in Pakistan presently, may think about the option of opening their stores here.

Regarding the Critical Information Infrastructure (CII) and Data Security, PTA is working on preparing the guidelines for execution by the telecom proprietors.

In all this development and advancement procedures it is utmost important that the ICT development in Pakistan are shown both on the national and international level. Hence the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) has been directed by the PTA to conduct a national level survey for measuring the actual level of ICT development in Pakistan.

PTA has plans to sale more spectrums in 1800 MHz bandfor the NGMS services, subjected to the issuance of policy by the Pakistan Government.

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