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“Recommended albums” is now available on YouTube Music


Music streaming apps tend to provide you with trendy music to help you select and enjoy the best and trendy tracks. As per information via Android Police, YouTube music has launched the latest feature that will suggest you music albums. These albums will be suggested in terms of your music taste, that you should listen to.

YouTube music keeps on adding updates to its UI. With a recent update, the skip button was removed from the mini player of YouTube that’ll provide a convenient experience of navigating through tracks.

YouTube music will be bringing recommended albums

For streaming platforms it’s crucial to keep users engaged on content so that they keep using the platform regularly. The best way to do it is experiencing the latest tracks and albums. This is the point where recommended albums come in.

By opening the app, a whole series of albums will be available in a horizontal row that’ll be suggested albums that you should be listening to. These recommended albums will be based on your listening habits and preferences. As if you listen mostly to classic music, you won’t be getting jazz albums recommendation.

This rollout was kind of unannounced and you can check your app to see its availability. In case of not having, it there, you might need to update your app. This feature is also available for desktop version of app. So, you can enjoy this feature on both your mobiles and desktops.

Along with this update, YouTube has updated its platform by launching community feature. initially this feature was limited to specific creators and was inaccessible to those who have less than 500 subscribers. But with the latest news this limitation is now removed, and feature is expanded to all creators over the platform.

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