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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Plus Images And Specifications: First Smartphone With An ECG Feature?

Galaxy Note 20 Plus

According to some leaks that are already circulating on the internet; With a view of Samsung’s previous developments in the smartphone segment, some assumptions can also be made about which functions and specs the company could bring to the new flagship. A new leak now gives concrete information about the design of the larger Galaxy Note 20 Plus model.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20: Name and Versions

At the present time, it is not yet clear whether Samsung will really use the name Note 20 Plus if you kept the previous counting rhythm, the name Galaxy Note 11 would also be conceivable. However, since the manufacturer has already adapted the counting of the Galaxy series for the Note devices in the past, we strongly assume that the device will receive the name Galaxy Note 20 analogous to the Galaxy S20.

As usual with Samsung, the Note 20 has apparently been given an internal code name: In the past, the Note 10 had been set to “Da Vinci” and the Note 9 to “Crown”. According to a tweet from the well-known sneaker “IceUniverse”, the Note 20 bears the name “Project C” internally. One possibility that Ice Universe brings into the play itself: The “C” should stand for “Canvas”, i.e. a canvas on which painting or drawing is carried out.

It is also to be expected that Samsung will again use at least two versions of the phablet for Note 20. Last year, in addition to the Galaxy Note 10, the manufacturer also launched the top model Galaxy Note 10+, with better hardware, but also with a higher price. A few months later, a stripped-down and significantly cheaper version came on the market, the Note 10 Lite – the same procedure would also be conceivable for the Note 20.

Some reports also said that a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is not to be expected. Instead, the expert puts into play that Samsung could equip the Galaxy Fold 2 with a stylus pen.

Galaxy Note 20 Plus Design And Outlook

Even if images of a new smartphone are not leaked by chance, render images often provide information about what a new model could look like. The always well-informed tech leaker OnLeaks has now forwarded the first render images for the Galaxy Note 20 Plus to the smartphone, the image is set as a featured image on this post.

The pictures provide information about the presumed size of the device. According to the leak, the smartphone should be 165mm long, 77.2mm wide, and 7.6mm thick. It would only be a bit larger than the basic model Galaxy Note 20 will probably be. However, both devices are said to be noticeably larger than the Galaxy Note 10.

The design does not change much from the pictures. There is a slightly protruding camera module with three lenses, which confirms the suspicions from previous leaks. Overall, the Note 20 Plus does not look very different from the normal Galaxy Note 20. The camera and specs will probably turn out a bit better compared to the previous generation.

The camera setup also coincides with the following tweet, which Roland Quandt shared at the end of March. You can clearly see a template of the cover of the Note 20 Plus, in which a gap for the camera setup protruding from the housing can be seen. The “punch hole” predicted by Ross Young for the front camera can also be seen in the pictures by Steve Hemmerstoffer. However, Roland classed it as Galaxy Note 11 Plus following the incremental change in the previous version Note 10, but as we said, the most likely name of the device is Galaxy Note 20 and 20 Plus.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20: does Samsung dispense with a camera sensor?

According to a report by the Korea Industry Post, the Galaxy Note 20 could do without a time-of-flight sensor (ToF). The reason for this is that, according to Samsung, the feature that was only introduced in 2019 is hardly used and no longer represents any real added value.

The ToF sensor is a 3D camera technology that detects differences in-depth and can thus be used to create a bokeh effect. However, there is now software that can mimic this effect just as well. Another feature of the sensor should make it possible to use it to create 3D models of objects. However, this has not worked so well so far. By omitting the sensor, Samsung could save costs and thus lower the price of the device.

The usual improvements in operation and quality are of course still to be expected. Support for 8K videos has also been haunted by the rumor mill for some time.

Galaxy Note 20: Specs, software and connections

The most striking distinguishing feature of the Note series, the practical S-Pen, will probably also be on board in the latest version of the Note 20. As already mentioned in the interpretation of the code name “Project C”, Samsung could provide some exciting new S-Pen functions for art enthusiasts. In order to continue to inspire buyers for the Note series, it should be equipped with fresh functions if possible.

Canvas, on the other hand, could simply refer to a new, particularly powerful display – probably even with refresh rates of 120 Hertz, as with the Galaxy S20 series. Ross Young expects the Galaxy Note 20 to come in at 6.42 and the Galaxy Note 20 Plus at 6.87 inches.

Young also explained in the interview that Samsung should use 16 GB RAM for all versions of the RAM – that would be twice as much as for the standard version of the predecessor Galaxy Note 10. The CEO of “Display Supply Chain Consultants” uses the battery. assume that you will bet on 4,000 – 5,000 mAh.

When it comes to the processor, Samsung will again rely on the best chips currently available. That means: Users in America can count on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865. However, this would require that the smartphones will also be 5G-capable (in all versions), which can also be assumed due to the 5G-capability of the new S20 models. Users in Europe, however, as well as owners of an S20, are likely to drive their smartphone with the eight-core Exynos 990.

The Galaxy S20 and the Galaxy S20 + (with Exynos processor) are also sold in Germany in a 4G-only version. Only the S20 Ultra is only available as a 5G version. Accordingly, it is possible that the Note 20 will also be available in this country in a 4G version – after all, the 5G expansion in Germany is, as is well known, not yet on the same level as in other markets.

The device memory (flash) has been rumored for some time that Samsung is also planning a cheaper version with 128 GB – but then probably in conjunction with a microSD slot for additional storage. It is also clear that if features such as support for 8K videos are implemented, users need every GB of memory that they can get.

For the Note 20, too, Samsung is likely to rely on a fingerprint sensor in the display – after all, the entire S20 series had been missed. Display expert Ross Young anticipates that Samsung will be using the new “3D Sonic Max fingerprint reader” (second generation) from Qualcomm for the first time. Among other things, the latter can read two fingerprints at once. The first 3D Sonic Max (found in the Galaxy Note 10 and S10 among others) often failed to meet the high expectations. The new model, on the other hand, is 17 times larger and is designed to significantly accelerate unlocking and make it more precise.

A classic headphone jack is likely to be quite unlikely given the experience with the S20 and the Galaxy Note 10 Plus. Here you will probably use USB-C for charging and listening to music / making calls. The render images by Steve Hemmerstoffer also speak for a new USB-C solution and against a jack connection.

In the operating system, at least Android 10 should be preinstalled on the Note 20 – Android 11 would also be conceivable, insofar as it comes on the market in time, although at the present time it is much less likely.

Galaxy Note 20: the first smartphone with an ECG function?

Is Samsung the first smartphone manufacturer to bring a health function previously only known from smartwatches to mobile phones? With a patent approved by the US Patent Office (via: patentlymobile ), the Korean manufacturer has secured the rights to a technology that first describes the integration of physical buttons in the curved display part on the edge of the smartphone. Huawei’s Mate 30 Pro, among others, had previously introduced buttons on the edge of the display – but these were based on touch technology. The Samsung patent describes physical buttons that stick out of the display glass.

According to the patent, the physical buttons are not, as might be expected, buttons for adjusting the volume or the like. Instead, Samsung apparently wants to integrate several different sensors into the buttons protruding from the display – including sensors for electrocardiography (EKG), electroencephalography (EEG) and electromyography (EMG) in addition to those for gestures, rotation, pressure or temperature. These are (neuronal) diagnostic methods for brain and heart activity. Of course, it is not yet possible to conclude from the patent that the sensors will really end up in grade 20 based on the patent. In the worst-case scenario, the new phablet would combine normal smartphone functions with the health functions of a smartwatch – which would be a novelty on the smartphone market.

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