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Samsung may soon introduce the Galaxy ring and a pair of Galaxy Glasses

At the start of this month, the tech company Samsung declared that it is working on an XR experience. The company stated that it is working in close association with Google and Qualcomm in order to bring forward the next XR experience. Samsung unveiled the new XR (Extended Reality) device without sharing many details. It now appears that the company will soon debut the headset along with a pair of Galaxy Glasses. The recent pieces of information are based on the recent trademark application filed by the company. Reportedly, the company filed a trademark for Galaxy Ring and Galaxy Glasses.

During the last week, the company filed applications with the Korea Intellectual Property Rights Information Service (KIPRIS). The documents detail the Galaxy Glasses as a “headset for virtual reality experience,” “headset for augmented reality experience,” “smart glasses,” “smartphone,” and “headphone”. In simple words, we can depict that it is a pair of XR glasses or headset that will be accompanied by a built-in smartphone and headphone-like features. it could be capable of providing XR experiences accompanied by virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and everything in between.

Previously, Samsung launched the Gear VR lineup. But due to some unfortunate situations, the company shut down the unit. This time, the company is taking inputs from other tech giants to avoid any such situation with the new Galaxy Glasses. The company has previously shared that the forthcoming XR headset will be based on a specialized Qualcomm processor. Furthermore, it will run on an optimized version of Android designed particularly for wearable devices by the tech company Google.

Samsung is also working on the development of a smart Galaxy Ring

Reportedly, the smart Galaxy Ring will act as a smart device dedicated to measuring health indicators. It will have the capacity to connect with the smartphone for sharing health data and other information.  Previously, there has been some information regarding the ring. However, the trademark application is not provided with details. In October 2022, the Korean media reported that the company has begun working on its first-gen smart ring.  As of now, several patents relevant to a smart ring product have been filed.

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