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Samsung’s forthcoming XR/MR glasses could compete with Meta Quest Pro

At the Unpacked event, the South Korean tech company established that it is working on the development of an Extended Reality (XR) experience. Reportedly, the company is carrying out the new venture in collaboration with Google and Qualcomm.

During the event, the company did not reveal much information about the XR headset. However, the recent trademark application by the company forced many to believe that Samsung’s forthcoming product will be similar to the Google Glass Project or Microsoft Hololens. In contrast, the information from GalaxyClub, suggests something entirely different. According to this information, the device is expected to work in a similar manner as Meta Quest Pro.

The XR headset by Samsung doesn’t reflect images on a transparent piece of glass. Rather it is a fully-enclosed VR headset. It is provided with displays and external cameras for video visuals of the real world. With the use of cameras attached to the outside of the headset, it can create virtual reality experiences. Furthermore, it can integrate augmented reality items into video representations of the actual world displayed on screens. But, there isn’t a physical “window” to the outside world.

There is no information regarding the official launch date of the XR device. However, the company teased the device at the February Unpacked event. It is possible that the company introduces the device at the upcoming launch event scheduled between August and September. Or in another case, the company could unveil the product at the next year’s Unpacked event.

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