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Sony reveals plan for ending PS4

Everything must come to an end: PlayStation 4 users can now mark a date in black on the calendar – or rather a year. As Sony announces, they want to end production of the games by 2025 and thereby end the PS4 era.

Now it’s official: PS4 consoles will no longer be produced after 2025

Almost ten years after its premiere and two years after the release of the successor PS5, the PlayStation 4 is still one of the most popular consoles in the world. Of course, the PS4 also owes its staying power to the fact that Sony isn’t quite getting a handle on the successor’s availability just yet – causing the company to produce the PlayStation 4 even longer than originally planned. Nearly ten years after launch, the PS4 is now getting an official expiration date.

The end of the PS4 era is revealed in a new presentation (through Comic), which, among other things, provides information on what Sony expects in the coming years in terms of revenue from its consoles and games. It is very clear: while the current fiscal year is still strongly dominated by releases for the PS4, by 2025 the group wants to be completely on three other pillars: PlayStation 5, mobile, and PC.

For rating: Sony explicitly spells out the end of first-party releases for its old console. It was already foreseeable that in the coming years, with the increasing availability of the PS5, the focus would be on this console. Sony has now outlined its own concrete intentions, but the official end of its life cycle will probably be announced again in the coming years – most likely before 2025.

PS4 is a powerful machine

Sony has good reasons for withholding such an announcement at this point. Between the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, the legacy console still accounted for 65 percent of PS Store sales in fiscal 2021. Titles like Fortnite and Apex Legends continue to drive the share of in-app purchases.

A value to which Sony devotes a separate page: in a comparison period of two years after release, PS5 owners spend significantly more per game. Breaking down, it turns out that while sales fall with the price of games, add-ons and subscriptions earn significantly more.