The e-commerce business of TikTok will debut in the US next month

According to a report shared by The Wall Street Journal, the social media platform TikTok is all set to introduce its e-commerce business in the United States by next month. Reportedly, the online marketplace of TikTok will operate in a similar manner as that Sold by Amazon. The e-commerce business will provide products like clothes, electronics, and kitchen gadgets from suppliers based in China.

Users can browse and buy products from the different channels presented in the “TikTok Shop Shopping Center.” According to The Wall Street Journal’s report, the social media platform TikTok will deal with all essential services of e-commerce business like marketing, logistics, transactions, and even after-sale service. Besides this, users can comment and review the services provided by TikTok and retailers.

Rumors indicate that the online marketplace of TikTok has been in development for quite some time now. A report surfaced back in June suggests that the social media platform will incorporate the e-commerce business in its native app. Semafor report indicates that the online marketplace could be found under the e-commerce tab. In the meantime, the company has introduced the shopping tab and live shopping feature to users outside of the United States.

One thing to notice about TikTok’s online marketplace is that the platform won’t be limited to Chinese sellers only rather it will support sellers outside of China to establish a global settlement and logistics system. In addition to this, TikTok will only pay Chinese vendors after they secure US customers, and it will return unsold merchandise “to avoid being stuck with inventory.”

In accordance with the Smeafor’s report, the marketplace was expected to debut in the US this month however, the WSJ report indicates that the company has postponed the launch to early next month. On the other hand, Chinese retailers are concerned about the future of the app in the US given the fact that the app will be banned in Montana next year. Besides this, lawmakers are working to impose a federal ban on TikTok.

The online store for TikTok will compete against Amazon as well as a number of other emerging Chinese merchants including Temu and Wish. Another fast fashion business is Shein, which recently invited bloggers to visit its factories in response to claims that forced labor was used there.

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