Musk Explains Twitter Name Change Is Based On X Corp

Over the weekend, Elon Musk announced that the Twitter brand would disappear and be replaced with “X”. Since then, many have wondered why he takes this step, which has already been put into practice. Musk has now commented on this in detail and explained what he intends to do.

Twitter is the history

Twitter becomes X: This process only started yesterday or with an announcement over the weekend, but it is already progressing unstoppably. Since then, users of the network, which has belonged to Elon Musk since last autumn, have been wondering what tweets should actually be called and what Musk actually intends to do with the renaming.

However, industry experts are not surprised by this, because Musk has previously cited the Chinese service WeChat as a role model, i.e. a jack-of-all-trades platform for communication, news, shopping, payment, and much more.

Twitter should also develop in this direction. Or rather, not Twitter, since according to Elon Musk that name has become “too small,” as he writes in a lengthy reply to X: “Twitter was acquired by X Corp. to ensure freedom of speech and to support the development of X, the everything app. This isn’t just a company rebranding, it’s doing the same thing.”

The 52-year-old continues by writing that the name Twitter made sense “when there were only 140-character messages that were sent back and forth – like birds chirping – but now you can post almost anything, even for several hours Video.”

In a third paragraph, Musk says that this is just the beginning of a major transformation: “In the coming months we will be adding comprehensive communications and the ability to run your entire financial world. The name Twitter doesn’t make sense in this context, so we have to say goodbye to the bird.”

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