The paginated mode of Google Docs is now available on all devices

Over the course of the previous few months, Google has introduced several new features to the Google Docs app. Similar is the case with the paginated mode on Google Docs. Formerly, the paginated mode for Google Docs was only limited to the web version of the app. However, last year, the paginated mode was dropped from the web app. Instead, it was presented with a pageless format to ensure a smooth and harmonious user experience across all devices.

As of now, in a recent update, the Google Workspace update team shared in their blog that paginated mode will be introduced on all devices. Well, this is quite good since it will offer more productivity to users in several ways. You might be thinking what a paginated mode is? How does it work? Its uses and everything like this. Don’t worry your queries will be answered in this short piece.

What is the paginated mode on Google Docs?

It is a mode that features a separate working page with page breakers. It gives the idea of working on an A4-size paper. The A4 size can even be helpful while taking out a printout. However, the paginated mode was available only on the Google Docs web platform. But the company has announced that the feature will be rolled out for all devices.

On the other hand, the mobile interface of the Google Docs app is not provided with paginated mode by default. It is presented as a continuous page. Users can activate the paginated mode from the three-dot icon at the top right-hand corner of the screen. However, with the latest updates the paginated mode will be available on all devices.

In this way, users will enjoy a more synced experience while using the app be it a laptop or mobile device. As an example, the company has showcased the paginated mode on a large-screen tablet device. It gives us a glimpse of how it will appear on a mobile. However, it might be difficult for some users to use the app on tablets. The new feature will be rolled out to all devices via an app update.

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