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Twitter Now Shows Elon Musk Tweets To Millions: Users Complaining

Twitter users are currently really little spared. Currently, tweets from the new company owner Elon Musk are being presented to a greater extent – and sometimes even if you don’t follow him at all or have even muted him.

The whole thing may have started at a meeting where Musk complained that his millions of followers hardly ever interacted with his tweets. One developer who expressed suspicion that user interest may have waned drastically months after the takeover has even been fired. Now it seems that the current programmers don’t necessarily want to risk another conflict with their boss.

As a result, many Twitter users have complained about seeing Musk’s tweets all the time. That should be the case even if you don’t follow the billionaire at all – not in the chronological timeline, but in the algorithm-controlled view that many users have been pushed into.

However, it is doubtful whether this is effective. Because the interaction with the tweets should hardly improve and instead even more users will be annoyed by the new developments. Because anyone who gets muted accounts flushed into the timeline will probably ignore them rather than enter into a well-meaning discussion. At least Twitter no longer has to fear that more and more users will switch to Mastodon, the boom in the decentralized network is now over and the number of users is slowly falling again.

Musk has since spoken out about the problem with his tweets. He promised that the matter would be taken care of. In the absence of more specific statements and the type of wording, however, it is difficult to say exactly how the announcement is to be understood.

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