Users might be required to pay to access the generative AI features of Galaxy S24

Throughout this year, we have come across several products and services equipped with generative AI features. Some companies incorporated ChatGPT into their products, while others came forward with their own AI chatbots. Google introduced Bard in response to ChatGPT and Apple and Samsung decided to make their own generative AI models. Reportedly, the upcoming flagship series by Samsung, i.e., the Galaxy S24 series, will come with new AI features.

The AI features will be supported by the new NPU architecture that is part of the Exynos 2400 chip. According to a piece of information rolled out by @Tech_Reve, there might be a price for the new generative AI features of the Galaxy S24. In simple words, Samsung will charge its consumers for accessing the on-device AI processing via a subscription-based model.

In response to this, an X user, @seb_mc2, said offering a subscription when the phone handles all of the AI functions on the gadget is absurd. A better strategy would be to employ cloud computing as an option via a subscription to offload some of the AI work, which would make it even faster.

Samsung’s plans with generative AI

There are no official details about the AI features. Some reports suggest that the company will add similar features as the ones supported by Bard and ChatGPT. In this way, users will have access to an AI chatbot directly on their smartphones. Besides this, during the unveiling of the new Exynos 2400 chip, the company showed a demonstration of the new text-to-image AI generation tool. It suggests that Samsung will benefit from the on-device AI processing.

Bixby could receive major updates

In recent years, Bixby has received fewer updates; however, that might change with the arrival of AI. In this way, it could emerge as a better competitor to Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri. It might receive improved features like human-like conversations and better speech-to-text functionality. One thing to notice here is that the company has not authorized any of these leaks.

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