Viewers begin to feel the effects of the $11.99 price increase for Paramount+ with Showtime


Just recently, we have learned that several services have increased the prices of their subscriptions like YouTube Premium, Spotify, Peacock, and others. Now another streaming service is joining this list. Notably, Paramount+ With Showtime is increasing the price of its monthly subscriptions.

The previous Showtime and CBS All Access bundle subscribers to Paramount+ have been alerted to a price increase, with the monthly fee rising to $11.99 as memberships renew. Back in June, Paramount+ and Showtime collaborated. As a result, the newly emerged service was named Paramount+ With Showtime. Initially, the merger carried the subscriptions with the same pricing criteria. But now recently, the prices are going to increase.

Prior to CBS All Access becoming Paramount+, consumers who had the original Showtime and CBS All Access subscription were billed $9.99 a month via the iOS app’s In-App Payment system. Reportedly, the users have been notified about the recent changes via email. The email contains all the necessary information like the users are required to cancel their subscriptions prior to the day that takes into account the new price structure. Given the recent modifications, users are now required to pay $11.99 per month. It is an increase from the previous $9.99 per month.

Well, this is not surprising at all since the company has already shown its plans of new subscription plans. As of now, the company is rolling out emails to the users indicating the renewed plans. The emails re being sent by the company a month earlier to the new increased rates.

The price increase actually brings the old package’s price in line with the current offering’s pricing of $14.99 per month for an ad-free tier or $119.99 per year for the ad-supported version. well, it seems to be expensive but a good deal for consumers at least. It costs $1 more to subscribe to Showtime alone than to Paramount+ ($11.99), which is available separately for $4.99 with advertisements and $9.99 without ads.

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