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Windows 10 Bug Can Destroy Your Music Files

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If you prefer to keep your music in lossless FLAC format on the local storage, you should currently be a little careful. A bug in Windows 10 can cause your music content to be corrupted and no longer playable.

The problem occurs when users want to change the metadata of the audio files in the file explorer. Whoever did this should no longer be able to play the music files. This emerges from a support document that Microsoft has made available under the ID KB5003430 and in which solutions are also presented.

According to Microsoft, Windows 10 versions from 2004 are affected in all variations – Windows 10 Pro, Home, Enterprise, and Workstation. The bug was so real that Windows 10 couldn’t handle it if the ID3 frame, in which the metadata is written, was in front of the FLAC header. In such a case, the ID3 frame was simply ignored and since it was no longer followed later, the files were recognized as faulty.

The problem Could be Solved With PowerShell script

However, with the latest updates, Microsoft has fixed the problem. So if you have installed the updates within the last week and are up to date with the operating system version, you shouldn’t have any more problems. But even if the child has already fallen into the well, there is help from the Redmond-based company.

The support document also contains a script that can be copied and copied into a file. This can then be started in PowerShell. The script ensures that files that have become unusable as a result of the bug are repaired. Accordingly, a study of the code will of course also help interested users to understand how the bug works. However, the script cannot reconstruct metadata that has been lost – in case of doubt, the user may have to do a bit of hard work.