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Google pushes new Android features to smartphones

Looking to sweeten the wait for Android 13 to be released, Google has announced improvements to existing features and apps installed on most smartphones. Even older cell phones can use the features (for the most part). Google has been throwing one hit after another in recent days. In addition to the feature drop at the start of the week, there is now another announcement at the end that talks about new features and improvements for apps. And best of all, you’re not tied to (almost) every Android version! This means that older devices can also use the update. Google will announce the updates in a blog post.

The new features

With Near Share, Google now wants to offer the possibility to share content with more than one person. Whether it’s photos, documents, or videos – you can now share anything with multiple people at once, as long as they’re nearby. The only requirement is Android 6.0. However, the most interesting change for me is the grammar checker. In the future, it will not only be possible to check spelling with Gboard but also grammar. Suggestions for improvement are offered if something is grammatically incorrect. So far, however, this feature is only available in English.

Another new feature affects the Messages app on Android smartphones. In addition to countless new and revised emojis, the iPhone is now also better integrated. So when you receive a message from an Apple device, it will show the actual emoji and not just the associated keyboard shortcut.

Improvements in quality of life

In addition to the new features, Google has also made some improvements in the quality of life. In the future, Google Pixel users will be able to add depth of field to photos. This affects not only humans but also animals and plants. And for all Instagram fans: Yes, it is also possible during dinner. Live transcription in offline mode has so far been reserved for the Google Pixel 6. All of this should now change. Not only Pixel users will have access to the practical offline tool in the future. In the future, any capable smartphone will be able to transcribe without consuming data.

Google also mentions minor changes. On the one hand, Google TV now shows certain content with highlights that could match your own viewing behavior. On the other hand, the lock screen gets a new widget that shows the active screen time. In the US it is also possible to pay for parking with your smartphone – it is not yet known whether this function will come to Germany. There is no exact release date yet. However, the improvements and new features are likely to appear on smartphones quite soon in the form of app updates. 


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