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How To Index Your Blog Posts Quickly

index blog posts quickly

Many bloggers ask how to index blog posts quickly. Every blogger spends so much time in searching for the right topic for his blog, research and write a post on that topic and optimize it for search engines. However, if you are still facing issues in getting indexed your post by search engines. Then read out this post which has plenty of tips to solve this dilemma:

Write Good Quality and Unique Content

First step towards getting your new blog post indexed on Google and other search engines is to write high-quality content. You have to do good research about the selected topic and then find some good related keywords for that topic. Avoid copying content from other blog and websites. Write some of unique content and the word count should be 500+. Add fresh content on regular basis and eventually search engines will notice your efforts. This is the first step to index blog posts quickly.

Generate Quality Backlinks

When you create good quality backlinks, it will not only help you in increasing traffic on your blog but also in boosting your page rank. You have to use websites with higher page ranks for achieving this goal. Following are some of the few methods for generating backlinks:

  • Blog commenting
  • Guest posting
  • Internal links
  • Submission on RSS directories
  • Forum commenting

Share on Social Networking Sites

This is one of another popular method to build backlinks besides the above given list. Following are most used social networking sites:

  • Google+: It plays very essential role in this process. You have to work on getting more Google +1 for your new blog posts.
  • Facebook: Facebook has undeniable role in getting more traffic and indexed your post on search engines fast.
  • Twitter: Tweet about your blog posts and tag other people in these tweets so they can share this with others.

One simple rule of social networking sharing is to share others content and then request them to share yours.

Search engines regularly index every social media sites and backlinks will lead your users to your websites.

Use Pingtom Tool

Many of you have first time heard this name but it is quite useful tool for indexing blog posts. It is a service which updates search engines each time your blog has new posts. It is very handy and compatible with Blogger and WordPress both.

Simply go to this tool, enter the name of your blog, its URL and feed URL. Then choose all of the services and click on Send Ping. That’s it.

Blog Commenting

If you are not focusing on this aspect, you have to start doing it now. You have to put more efforts in those blogs which have enabled commentluv with do-follow links. This tip will help you in getting more traffic on your blog and higher page rank. But please avoid leaving such comments like ”thanks for sharing” or ”nice post”. Instead read the post thoroughly and then post your views related to that post.

Update Ping List

This is also very important for indexing your new blog posts on search engines. You have to ping your blog. However, this is only useful for WordPress blogs. Every time you update your blog with a new post, ping services with update search engines. Following is simple process to update your ping list for WordPress blogs very quickly:

  • You have to login to your blog admin
  • Then click on Settings and then click on Writing
  • Go to the bottom and search for Update Services button
  • You have to delete the current list in this section
  • Now click on below list and Paste the new list into text area
  • Then click on Save Changes


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