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iPhone 15 To Get The Biggest Price Increase

Rising production costs have squeezed Apple’s margin on its top revenue driver, the iPhone, in recent years. The result: price increases. The iPhone 15 is rumored to be the biggest leap between generations.

The iPhone 15 could be by far the most expensive iPhone

Apple has big plans for the next iPhone generation. Among other things, the company is said to be considering a titanium chassis for a new Ultra model – a material around 30 times more expensive than the stainless steel used in the iPhone 14, but more durable and significantly lighter. Industry insider LeaksApplePro reported last month that the additional production costs for the iPhone 15 Ultra, Apple’s new name for its “Pro Max” model, could be in the $100 range. Now the leaker follows up and also provides his assessment of the prices for future customers.

“Apple is losing margin year after year. Rising production costs and inflation, which makes the money the company has in the bank less valuable, have been the last straw,” according to LeaksApplePro. Accordingly, it is not yet possible to make a forecast for the price development of the other models in the iPhone 15 family. For the iPhone 15 Ultra, however, the direction seems clear. According to the leaker, Apple will set the starting price of the new top model at $1299 – that would be $200 more than the iPhone 14 Pro Max and the biggest leap between two generations in the history of the iPhone.

One Color

LeaksApplePro emphasizes that according to its information, buyers can expect further added value in addition to the material upgrades already mentioned. Accordingly, the entry-level model of the iPhone 15 Ultra comes with 256 GB of memory as standard. Furthermore, the top device could exclusively have dual front cameras. Another interesting detail reported by the leaker: “Apple is only considering one color for the iPhone 15 Ultra, and that’s the same color as the Apple Watch Ultra,” LeaksApplePro told Forbes.